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Tag: Wallingford Playfield

Urban Politics #48: Resolution 29845, Parks Citizen Participation

October 19th, 1998

This legislation sets up 3 workshops to evaluate the Parks Department’s public involvement processes concerning facilities acquisition, planning, development and maintenance.


Urban Politics #29: The Nickel Nutcraker

March 15th, 1998

A nickel can’t buy much these days, if ever it could. But you add a lot of them together and you got yourself some real pocket change. And if you add it to a 10 cent charge you’ve got a 50% increase. The City Council will probably vote this Monday which nut this additional nickel will crack, the citizen procurer of public documents or the departments which provide those documents. Passed out of the Finance and Budget Committee last week, an ordinance (Council Bill 112068) will increase copying costs at all city departments from the current rate of 25 cents for the first page and a dime thereafter to a flat 15 cents per page. A memo from the City Clerk explains the reason for the change.