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Tag: Vulcan Inc.

Urban Politics #166: Vulcan Acquistion Impact On South Lake Union

October 10th, 2003

Vulcan Inc. announced last week the purchase of a significant piece of property in the South Lake Union neighborhood. The owner of the William O. McKay Ford-Lincoln Building at 601-609 Westlake North has sold his property, which has been in his family since 1922, to Vulcan Inc. The tenant of the building is the Seattle Auto Center, selling Jaguar and Land Rover and Seattle Nissan.


Urban Politics #160: Resolution On South Lake Union

June 13th, 2003

After much discussion the Council acted last Monday (June 9th) and passed Resolution 30610 affirming the City’s commitment to revitalize South Lake Union (SLU). I believe that the Council worked collaboratively to support a healthier environment for SLU.