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Urban Politics #276: A Tale of Two Trees

April 12th, 2009

Sometimes it’s the little things that make me glad to be a public servant.

It was approaching eight o’clock in the evening at the City Council’s Budget Hearing. What once was a chamber packed with over 200 people, now held fewer than a dozen. We were closing in on three hours of citizens pleading their cases. We, as Councilmembers, were trying to figure out how to cut over $20 million from this year’s budget; one that had already been approved. We would be taking things away from people. Which constituency would receive cuts? Our youth, our elderly, our disabled, our neglected neighborhoods, our over taxed local businesses?


Urban Politics #79: City Council Retreat

January 7th, 2000

There is no question that all of the past yearly City Council Retreats have been subject to the Open Meetings Act, and as such Seattle citizens have legal access to the meetings. However given that January’s retreat is to be held out of town, as many others have been over the last 20 years, such access is limited. Consequently, some citizens have argued that we should not hold retreats out of town unless we can provide an electronic recording of them.


Urban Politics #51: How Much Money Do We Have?

November 18th, 1998

The City Government had a total budget of approx. $1.93 billion in 1998. The new proposed budget for 1999 would be $2.04 billion. But three-quarter of these funds is outside of the general fund. They are flow-through funds from other jurisdictions like the State and the Federal Government or are from our City owned utilities, with revenues that cannot be commingled with our general funds.