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Urban Politics #214: A Proposal for the Seattle Center, Arts, Arts Education and Tourism

May 3rd, 2006

This proposal is a State Legislative financial package that does not subsidize the Seattle Sonics, but does allow them to use the Key Arena in a profitable manner by eliminating the current outstanding debt on that facility. It does not provide the Sonics with, as they have requested, a new facility.


Urban Politics #210: The Sonics & Your Tax Dollars

February 9th, 2006

The State Legislature is currently considering two bills, House Bill 3233 and Senate Bill 6849, which will open the door for the Sonics to receive over $240 million in public subsidies.

These bills do not mention the Sonics in their titles, although their attorneys helped craft them. The titles simply state that local taxes will be extended to fund arts and cultural institutions and programs, tourism promotion and publicly owned sports and entertainment facilities. They also do not require a public vote to extend and divert taxes currently being collected for the baseball and football stadiums. Public votes were taken regarding the public funding of the baseball and football stadiums.


Urban Politics #141: Changing The Arts Commission

November 1st, 2002

In response to the City’s anticipated $60 million deficit next year, the Mayor has proposed drastic cuts in every City department budget, including the Arts Commission’s. The Council is presently considering the Executive’s idea to temporarily suspend one of the Commission’s annual revenue sources, 20% of the City’s admissions tax receipts other than those generated by men’s professional sports. Half of that revenue stream will be made up from the General Fund. The Admissions tax would automatically kick in again in 2005.


Urban Politics #106: Woodland Park Zoo Draft Long-Range Plan 2001 & Draft EIS

May 6th, 2001

The Woodland Park Zoo has released a draft Long-Range Plan 2001 and Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for this plan. The Plan 2001 is intended as a 20-year development plan and update of the 1976 Long-Range Plan. It contains sections on Development Guidelines, Non-Exhibit Recommendations, and Exhibit Scenarios. Although not called a master plan, it is essentially the same thing.