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Urban Politics #132: Seattle Cable Customer Bill Of Rights

May 5th, 2002

Last month at the Full Council’s Monday, April 22, 2002 meeting I voted to approve Ordinance number 120775 (Council Bill number 114137, sponsored by Councilmember Jim Compton), legislation that strengthens our city’s Cable Customer Bill of Rights by revising sections of Seattle Municipal Code 21.60. The ordinance passed 8-0, with Councilmember Pageler excused. This legislation is significant because it specifically defines, for the first time anywhere in the nation, how a municipality can implement existing Federal laws regulating cable services. I see four important aspects to this legislation.


Urban Politics #57: City Council On The Merger Of TCI-AT&T

February 16th, 1999

On Tuesday, 2/16/99, the City Council unanimously passed legislation that adopts as much open access for ISPs (Internet Service Providers) as a city legally can. However, the city can not legally set prices for Internet services, so this is the most we can achieve for now, until federal regulations change. More information on this is included in my position statement below. The amount of open access for ISPs, however, is more than other cities have, so it is an important accomplishment.