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Urban Politics #184: Zoo Long Range Plan And Operations Agreement

October 12th, 2004

Yesterday, the Council passed Resolution 30701 adopting a Long Range Plan for the Woodland Park Zoo.

The Council also approved Resolution 30709 to create the Thornton Creek Watershed Oversight Council.


Urban Politics #169: A Review Of The 2004 City Budget

December 2nd, 2003

Last week, the Seattle City Council passed the 2004 budget totaling $2.6 billion, of which $666,079,571 were in General Fund revenues and $666,078,194 in General Fund expenditures. The balance of the budget consists of funds outside the general fund. This mostly consists of funds within the “enterprise” departments of City Light and Seattle Public Utilities. Their revenues and expenditures are kept separate from the rest of the City’s budget since they are supported by their ratepayers and not the general taxpayers of Seattle.


Urban Politics #75: Introduction To The 2000 Budget

November 17th, 1999

On Tuesday, (11/16/99) the City Council meeting as the Budget Committee passed the 2000 Year City Budget. The Council will take the final vote on Monday (11/22/99).


Urban Politics #25: Introducing My Staff

January 25th, 1998

Lisa Herbold and Newell Aldrich are my two full time Legislative Assistants. Lisa was my campaign manager and is a graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in Political Science and Journalism. She has been with the Tenants Union for the last 5 years. Newell is a graduate of the UW with a dual degree in Political Sci. and Spanish. He handled press relations during the campaign. Prior to the campaign he had been Co-Chair of the Ralph Nader Washington State Campaign for Democracy. Frank Video, a former member of the Seattle Arts Commission and an established artist, is coming on as a half-time Legislative Assistant in February. Frank also preceded me as President of the 911 Media Arts Center. He attended the University of Washington and majored in Communications Research.