Councilmember Licata left office on January 1, 2016.
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Art in the Park & African American Film Fest

March 27th, 2013

Langston Hughes African American Film Festival kicks off April 13th & the Parks Dpt. is accepting applications for art in the park until May 10th.


Urban Politics #242: Downtown Sidewalks & City Hall Art

December 3rd, 2007

I have heard from a number of citizens that construction downtown has resulted in a crazy patchwork of sidewalk closures which discourages walking if not making it dangerous because of the additional street crossings.

In response I have asked our Seattle Dept of Transportation, SDOT, to be more aggressive in keeping these downtown sidewalks open as much as possible and to look at best practices that other cities are using to see if we could adopt them here.


Urban Politics #84: Two Percent For Art Delayed

March 12th, 2000

Last Monday, March 6th, 2000, the City Council once again rejected to vote on my legislation to increase the percent for arts to two percent. I recognized that there were only four votes in favor of passage at this time, and if a vote had been taken the legislation would have been clearly defeated.


Urban Politics #81: Increasing The City’s % For Art

February 2nd, 2000

Proposal to Increase City’s 1% For Art Allocation Public Hearing Set For February 8th, 2000, 5-6 PM in Council Chambers.


Urban Politics #80: Seattle Neighborhood Arts Celebration

January 9th, 2000

Last year, I initiated a City-wide celebration intended to honor the many artists and arts groups working to enhance their communities. On February 13, 1999, 25 performers and performance groups, along with 14 exhibiting organizations, persented their work at the Recital Hall at Benaroya Hall downtown. Bernard Harris, Jr., was elected Poet Populist in Seattle’s first such election.


Urban Politics #76: 1% For Art On Projects Outside Seattle

November 20th, 1999

Council Member Margaret Pageler is proposing an amendment to stop City Utility Departments from funding arts out of their capital projects located outside the city.


Urban Politics #30: Culture, Arts And Parks Committee Mtg.

March 23rd, 1998

Meeting is Wednesday, 3/25/98, at 2PM. Meeting begins with Bob Redmond curating Words Worth, spotlighting local poet work Phoebe Bosche’s work “Tall Tale”.