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Urban Politics #308: Preserving Pioneer Square’s Character

April 22nd, 2011

This Monday, April 25, 2011, the Full Council will be voting on Council Bill 117140 which amends the zoning for South Downtown including Pioneer Square. At the Committee on the Built Environment (COBE) on April 13, a motion to adopt the Department of Planning and Development’s (DPD) recommendation for a lower level of building heights in the Pioneer Square Historic District was defeated on a 2 to 2 vote (Clark & O’Brien in favor, Bagshaw & Burgess opposed.) As a result the height limit in this historic district could go up to 140 ft in some instances, whereas the current height of most of the buildings there is between 20 and 50 feet.


Urban Politics #307: Saving Artists’ Work Space & the 619 Western Building

February 14th, 2011

The impending loss of the 619 Western Building resulting from Alaska Way Viaduct tunneling presents 3 problems: finding new accommodations for the displaced artists; the building by law must be saved or replaced in a manner that retains the historical character of the neighborhood; and potential impacts on Pioneer Square’s cultural vitality must be mitigated by relocating as many displaced artists as possible within the neighborhood.


Urban Politics #191: Monday’s Votes On…

February 28th, 2005

At this Monday’s Full Council Meeting, two important votes were taken. The first was to sell about 12 acres of city land next to the Seattle Center to the Gates Foundation. The second was to locate the new downtown service center for homeless men, else known as the downtown hygiene center in the Morrison Hotel on Third Avenue, north of Yesler. I voted for both. The first measure passed unanimously and the second was an 8 to 1 (Drago) vote.


Urban Politics #117: Special Events Legislation & Vote

November 25th, 2001

On Monday November 19 the City Council passed an ordinance amending the City’s Special Events Ordinance, by a 5-4 vote (Conlin, Wills, Licata, Nicastro). The ordinance extends the Special Events Ordinance to cover events on private property. It was brought forward with the intent of regulating Mardi Gras, by placing private businesses (i.e. bars and clubs) under its regulations. The Special Events Ordinance formerly covered only events held on public property.


Urban Politics #104: Pioneer Square Tour

March 31st, 2001

Recent events in the Pioneer Square Historic District have turned Seattle’s oldest neighborhood inside out. Between Mardi Gras and the Nisqually Quake, this community of artists, small retail establishments and restaurants, residents, and music venues is struggling to maintain its vitality in the face of destruction.


Urban Politics #30: Culture, Arts And Parks Committee Mtg.

March 23rd, 1998

Meeting is Wednesday, 3/25/98, at 2PM. Meeting begins with Bob Redmond curating Words Worth, spotlighting local poet work Phoebe Bosche’s work “Tall Tale”.