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Urban Politics #194: Monday’s Votes On…

May 2nd, 2005

The Council voted on a proposal for the use of the Public Safety Building site, Resolution 30769. The proposal, sponsored by Council Members Drago and Steinbrueck, calls for using two-thirds of the site for open space, with the northern third set aside for private development.


Urban Politics #116: Council Bill 113697 – Space Needle Views

November 5th, 2001

Today the City Council took two important votes that will impact the future landscape of our city. The first was a vote on Council Bill 113697 that would amend our SEPA ordinance to narrow view protections of the Seattle Space Needle to ten parks. The other Council Bill 113818 amended the land use and zoning sections of the Municipal Code to allow developers to provide off-site parking (that is, parking provided on a different lot than the lot containing the use for which the parking is required) by a permit process.