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Tag: Northgate

Urban Politics #170: Northgate Legislation

December 8th, 2003

The City Council today passed legislation that clears the way for new development at Northgate. The legislation reflects agreement between the Council, Mayor, the developer, and neighborhood activists. Disagreements between community activists and developers have hindered development until now, as legal challenges have stopped previous proposals for development.


Urban Politics #156: Neighborhood Plans And The Mayor’s Plans

May 27th, 2003

Recently there has been much media attention on the relationship between neighborhood plans and economic development in Seattle. This debate has come into sharpest focus in three communities: Northgate, University District and South Lake Union. In each of them the Mayor has proposed some major public investments or changes to the existing land use controls. These set of proposals are referred to as the Mayor’s Action Agendas.


Urban Politics #122: Polls On Sound Transit — Part I

January 13th, 2002

As this region is about to begin constructing Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail, the debate continues on as to whether we are creating a solution to our traffic congestion or something so far less as to be not worth the effort.