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Tag: Neighborhoods

Urban Politics #85: Pro Parks 2000 Recommendations

April 3rd, 2000

The Pro Parks 2000 Citizen Committee’s preliminary proposal for funding Seattle neighborhood park, recreation and open space projects will be presented at six workshops (the first was tonight).


Urban Politics #81: Increasing The City’s % For Art

February 2nd, 2000

Proposal to Increase City’s 1% For Art Allocation Public Hearing Set For February 8th, 2000, 5-6 PM in Council Chambers.


Urban Politics #80: Seattle Neighborhood Arts Celebration

January 9th, 2000

Last year, I initiated a City-wide celebration intended to honor the many artists and arts groups working to enhance their communities. On February 13, 1999, 25 performers and performance groups, along with 14 exhibiting organizations, persented their work at the Recital Hall at Benaroya Hall downtown. Bernard Harris, Jr., was elected Poet Populist in Seattle’s first such election.


Urban Politics #72: Proposed City Budget For 2000

October 3rd, 1999

The City operates on a 2 year (Biennium) Budget. The main portion of the two-year budget (1999 & 2000) was prepared last fall. This fall the City makes adjustments to the budget for the year 2000. The Mayor presents his proposed budget adjustments to the City Council (which he did on 9/27/99) and then the City Council must pass a final budget by November 29th.


Urban Politics #64: The New City Hall / Civic Campus

May 31st, 1999

The hardest question any candidate has to answer is, “Where are you going to cut the budget to pay for the things that you say you want to do for us?”


Urban Politics #62: Fall Levy Renewal Ballot

May 3rd, 1999

The Mayor has proposed renewing a 1991 Levy this fall to provide funding for both the Seattle Center and neighborhood community centers. The 1991 levy expires this year; a renewal of it would not result in an increase in current property taxes. If approved by 50% of the voters, the new eight-year levy rate would be 15 cents per $1,000 of assessed value, the same as the current levy.


Urban Politics #56: The Parks Dept & Citizen Involvement

January 24th, 1999

There will be 3 Public Workshops to help the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation revise its Public Involvement Policy. These meetings were set up under the auspices of City Council Parks Citizen Participation Resolution 29845, which I sponsored in response to citizen complaints that I had received regarding the Parks Departments development plans for some neighborhood parks.


Urban Politics #42: Initiative 45 Debate Televised – Tonight

July 15th, 1998

Tonight at 7PM, on the Municipal Cable Channel 28, I will be debating Jordan Brower, author of Initiative 45, on the talk program. The debate will be repeated again, for those who have mastered your VCR’s programming abilities, this Thursday at 2:00 A.M. and 10:30 A.M.


Urban Politics #38: Neighborhood Arts Conference

June 1st, 1998

An opportunity for people interested in neighborhood arts to meet, organize and plan for a new funding opportunity!


Urban Politics #29: The Nickel Nutcraker

March 15th, 1998

A nickel can’t buy much these days, if ever it could. But you add a lot of them together and you got yourself some real pocket change. And if you add it to a 10 cent charge you’ve got a 50% increase. The City Council will probably vote this Monday which nut this additional nickel will crack, the citizen procurer of public documents or the departments which provide those documents. Passed out of the Finance and Budget Committee last week, an ordinance (Council Bill 112068) will increase copying costs at all city departments from the current rate of 25 cents for the first page and a dime thereafter to a flat 15 cents per page. A memo from the City Clerk explains the reason for the change.