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Urban Politics #298: Social Equity and Urban Growth

September 13th, 2010

On Monday evening, Monday September 20, 2010, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., I will host an event called Can We Achieve Social Equity Using Smart Growth? It will be held in the Seattle City Council Chambers located on the Second floor of City Hall, 600 Fourth Avenue, in downtown Seattle.


Urban Politics #177: 3 Brown-Bag Noon Discussions

April 10th, 2004

I’m sponsoring three brown-bag forums in the City Hall Council Chambers during the month of April. They will involve local public officials, professionals and citizens in discussing issues that affect our Seattle residents. Attendance is open to all and there will be an opportunity for citizens to ask questions of the panelists.


Urban Politics #157: Lifting The UW Lease Lid

June 3rd, 2003

The “lease lid” is a limit on the square footage of property the University of Washington may lease in specific neighborhoods surrounding the campus. It was imposed in 1985 to prevent UW leasing from distorting the real estate market and driving out other uses.


Urban Politics #156: Neighborhood Plans And The Mayor’s Plans

May 27th, 2003

Recently there has been much media attention on the relationship between neighborhood plans and economic development in Seattle. This debate has come into sharpest focus in three communities: Northgate, University District and South Lake Union. In each of them the Mayor has proposed some major public investments or changes to the existing land use controls. These set of proposals are referred to as the Mayor’s Action Agendas.


Urban Politics #147: Music And Youth Commission Applicants Requested

February 21st, 2003

In August, 2002, the City Council passed an ordinance to repeal the Teen
Dance Ordinance, section 6.294 of the Seattle Municipal Code, and replace it
with a new law designed to allow youth more access to live music and dancing.


Urban Politics #121: New Dept Of Neighborhoods Head

January 10th, 2002

On December 19th I sent a letter, along with CM Richard Conlin, to our new Mayor Elect Greg Nickels, asking that as the incoming and outgoing chairs of the Council Committee with policy and legislative oversight of the Department of Neighborhoods, we thought it critical to address the subject of the hiring process for the new director.


Urban Politics #118: Zoo Non-Profit Governance Agreement

November 27th, 2001

In early December, the City Council will consider a proposed agreement to transfer management of the Woodland Park Zoo from the City of Seattle to the Woodland Park Zoo Society for 20 years, with a 10-year option to extend.


Urban Politics #101: School Playfield Legislation

February 26th, 2001

Last week the City Council passed (7 – 0) Council Bill 113156 amending the Land Use Code to allow lighting standards up to 100 feet for public school playfield lighting. The actual placement of the standards would still be subject to SEPA review or subject to special conditions imposed upon their use in the four high school athletic complexes improved through the February 1988 Levy. Current laws limit lighting in existing public school sites to 30 or 35 feet in residential zones.


Urban Politics #88: City Parks Fall Levy

June 4th, 2000

On Wednesday, June 8 there is a City Council Public Hearing on the Pro-Parks Proposal for a $223 million voter-approved levy to implement Neighborhood Plan recommendations for parks and open space.


Urban Politics #87: Gypsy Moth Spraying

April 20th, 2000

Councilmember Heidi Wills and I sent the following letter this Tuesday (4/18/00) to Jim Jesernig, Director of the Washington State Department of Agriculture concerning the proposed spraying of pesticides over Ballard and Magnolia in order to stop a possible infestation of the gypsy moth. His Department proposed aerial spraying of Foray 48B, a biological product, to eradicate any Asian gypsy moth presence in a mile-square area of Ballard and the north part of Magnolia. Our letter requests that alternatives to spraying Ballard and Magnolia be used and that the Department of Agriculture work with the community on these alternatives.