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Tag: Music and Youth Commission

Urban Politics #147: Music And Youth Commission Applicants Requested

February 21st, 2003

In August, 2002, the City Council passed an ordinance to repeal the Teen
Dance Ordinance, section 6.294 of the Seattle Municipal Code, and replace it
with a new law designed to allow youth more access to live music and dancing.


Urban Politics #141: Changing The Arts Commission

November 1st, 2002

In response to the City’s anticipated $60 million deficit next year, the Mayor has proposed drastic cuts in every City department budget, including the Arts Commission’s. The Council is presently considering the Executive’s idea to temporarily suspend one of the Commission’s annual revenue sources, 20% of the City’s admissions tax receipts other than those generated by men’s professional sports. Half of that revenue stream will be made up from the General Fund. The Admissions tax would automatically kick in again in 2005.


Urban Politics #49: Library Citizen Review Panel Resolution

November 2nd, 1998

At today’s City Council Meeting my Resolution 29846 passed unanimously with the active support of the City’s Librarian Deborah Jacobs and the Library Board President Betty Jane Narver. The resolution requests that the Library Board commit to enhanced financial reporting to the public in the implementation of the “Libraries for All” Bond capital plan (PROPOSITION ONE) and establish a Citizen Implementation Review Panel. The Seattle Library Board will take up this resolution at their next board meeting.