Councilmember Licata left office on January 1, 2016.
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Tag: Library Bond

Urban Politics #35: Library Bond Shaping Up

May 3rd, 1998

The City Council met with Head Librarian and Board Members to discuss the public’s reaction so far to the proposed bond. Overall reaction has been positive.


Urban Politics #28: Reflections

March 8th, 1998

I had hoped to publish Urban Politics weekly but as I find the constituent, community and staff flow of memos and requests, (about 30 pieces of mail a day, plus an equal number of emails), I realize now that UP may more likely go bi-weekly.


Urban Politics #24: Council Committee Assignments

January 19th, 1998

Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs are listed below. Note that some of the committee names have changed to allow each Committee Chair to be involved in concerns of interest to that Chair. In my particular case, I’ve titled my Committee “Culture, Arts and Parks” to broaden the involvement of the committee from parks to cultural and arts activities throughout the city, including libraries. The library bond issue itself will be handled by a City Council Committee of the Whole, chaired by City Council President Sue Donaldson. I’m also the Vice-Chair for the Neighborhoods Committee, a member of the Utilities Committee and the Alternate on the Transportation Committee.