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Tag: Leasing Zones

Urban Politics #157: Lifting The UW Lease Lid

June 3rd, 2003

The “lease lid” is a limit on the square footage of property the University of Washington may lease in specific neighborhoods surrounding the campus. It was imposed in 1985 to prevent UW leasing from distorting the real estate market and driving out other uses.


Urban Politics #18: Good Shepherd Center (Gsc) Leased For 77 Years

April 1st, 1997

Ted Jonsson, Vice Pres. of the Wallingford Senior Center and it’s representative on the GSC Advisory Board, discovered last month that the City Council, without a public hearing, had passed an ordinance last June extending Historic Seattle’s lease over the center’s grounds for another 77 years.


Urban Politics #17: Holly Park Demolition

March 27th, 1997

The City Council’s support for the Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) plans to demolish all 870 low income units and replace them with a fewer number of units serving the very low income, is weakening. Although the Council passed a resolution back in December supporting the plan, questions raised by critics led Council Members Jan Drago and Dick McIver to announce at the 43rd Democratic District meeting that the plan should be re- examined. Two other council members, Tina Podlodowski and Charlie Chan have also made similar statements.