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Tag: Elevated Transportation Company (ETC)

Urban Politics #135: Monorail Legislation Passes

June 30th, 2002

The Monorail Ad-Hoc Committee I chair passed two monorail resolutions (4-0; Licata, Conlin, Nicastro, Wills) on Friday, June 28, 2002. Both will now move to the Full Council for votes on Monday, July 8.


Urban Politics #129: Monorail EIS, Legisation & Timeline

April 7th, 2002

On Friday, April 5, the Elevated Transportation Company (ETC) released the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Seattle Popular Transit Plan. This plan for a monorail system from Ballard to West Seattle is the fruition of Initiative 53, passed by Seattle voters in November, 2000, and Initiative 41, passed by Seattle voters in 1997.


Urban Politics #127: Resolution On Use Of City Right-Of-Way

March 24th, 2002

At Friday’s (3/22/02) Monorail Ad-Hoc Committee meeting, I sponsored a resolution “stating the intent of the Seattle City Council and Mayor to allow use of City right-of-way to construct and/or operate a monorail transit system in Seattle, and to negotiate an agreement with a future Seattle Popular Transit Authority (SPTA) to allow this use.”


Urban Politics #124: New City Council Committees

January 21st, 2002

Every two years the City Council has an opportunity to rearrange its committees. Committee Chairs and the subject matter for the committees often change. This year is no different. The current changes were adopted by Resolution 30437 which describes the committee chairs, membership and meeting times of the standing committees of the Seattle City Council for 2002 and 2003.


Urban Politics #112: Special Events Taskforce Report

August 1st, 2001

As Chair of the Culture Arts and Parks Committee I strongly support the Taskforce’s recommendations to better fund the Special Events Committee and streamline the City’s assistance efforts. Their report clearly stated that “special events help build a sense of belonging and community pride…” and that the “City of Seattle nurture and support events that build our community.”


Urban Politics #98: Licata Monorail Survey

January 8th, 2001

Last week I released a report titled: Preliminary Study Of A Proposed West Seattle/ Downtown/ Northgate/ Lake City Elevated Transit Line. The study was carried out by Matthew Fox, legislative aide to former City Councilmember Charlie Chong. The report found that community leaders from neighborhoods along the most likely monorail route are more supportive than fearful of a monorail.


Urban Politics #95: Sound Transit, Sane Transit & The Monorail

November 17th, 2000

Two recent events could dramatically reduce our congested streets in the not too distant future.
First of all, the voters of Seattle have approved Initiative 53, the Monorail Initiative, by over a 12% margin. The law now requires the City to re-establish and properly fund the independent ETC so that they can do their job and prepare a solid monorail proposed project to the voters in 2 years.


Urban Politics #90: A Critique Of The Monorail Legislation

August 1st, 2000

On Monday, July 31st, the City Council voted 7 to 1, (I dissented and CM Steinbrueck was absent) for the Wills/Conlin Monorail legislation (CB # 113304). Thanks to CM Wills and Conlin, the bill did incorporate some of the language that was in the legislation (CB # 113305) sponsored by CM Nicastro and me.


Urban Politics #89: The Monorail Report

July 5th, 2000

This issue of Urban Politics (UP) may provide more information than you want to know about the monorail. But if you do read on, you will know the history of how the City got to its present status with regards to its obligation to build a monorail. You will also know what the current political thinking is on the Council and what other options citizens are proposing.


Urban Politics #52: Status On The Monorail

November 24th, 1998

The City Council agreed with the Mayor to fund the Elevated Transit Company (ETC), the body formed by the initiative to pursue the Monorail, for 1999 for another $50,000. This is conditioned on ETC matching it with $61,000 of outside funds. The ETC still has $85,000 of available funds left over from the City’s initial $200,000 contribution to it in 1998.