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Tag: Downtown Seattle Association

Urban Politics #164: Homeless Men Downtown; Monorail Center Route

September 14th, 2003

On Tuesday, September 2nd I invited representatives from the Downtown Seattle Association (DSA) and downtown social service providers to discuss what to do when the social service provider Compass Center closes in January for renovations. It is estimated that during this time 300 to 400 people per day who have been accessing their hygiene services will be on the streets for over a year.


Urban Politics #134: Downtown Tunnel & Sound Transit

June 21st, 2002

Legislation passed out of Transportation Committee on June 19, 2002 by a vote of 2 to 1; Conlin & McIver for, Licata against. The final vote will be in the Full Council on July first.


Urban Politics #95: Sound Transit, Sane Transit & The Monorail

November 17th, 2000

Two recent events could dramatically reduce our congested streets in the not too distant future.
First of all, the voters of Seattle have approved Initiative 53, the Monorail Initiative, by over a 12% margin. The law now requires the City to re-establish and properly fund the independent ETC so that they can do their job and prepare a solid monorail proposed project to the voters in 2 years.


Urban Politics #26: School Bond Issue & Sport Fields

February 8th, 1998

Parks Board members have said that they want to make sure that the fundsallocated from the passage of the recent school bond issue for upgradingathletic fields gets done on a schedule on par with building improvements.There has been some concern that building improvements might be done first and the field upgrades delayed.


Urban Politics #25: Introducing My Staff

January 25th, 1998

Lisa Herbold and Newell Aldrich are my two full time Legislative Assistants. Lisa was my campaign manager and is a graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in Political Science and Journalism. She has been with the Tenants Union for the last 5 years. Newell is a graduate of the UW with a dual degree in Political Sci. and Spanish. He handled press relations during the campaign. Prior to the campaign he had been Co-Chair of the Ralph Nader Washington State Campaign for Democracy. Frank Video, a former member of the Seattle Arts Commission and an established artist, is coming on as a half-time Legislative Assistant in February. Frank also preceded me as President of the 911 Media Arts Center. He attended the University of Washington and majored in Communications Research.


Urban Politics #19: Nick Licata To Challenge Jan Drago

April 30th, 1997

I will be challenging incumbent City Council Member Jan Drago this fall. My PDC forms should be filed this Wednesday. I will also attempt to continue publishing Urban Politics (UP) on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis during the campaign. A separate emailing will be sent intermittently to UP subscribers with information concerning the campaign under the title “Licata Campaign Notes” (LCN).