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Urban Politics #299: Smart & Equitable Growth and New Legislation

September 17th, 2010

Equitable development creates healthy communities of opportunity. Equitable outcomes come about when intentional strategies are put in place to ensure that low-income communities and communities of color participate in and benefit from decisions that shape their neighborhoods. With the economic recession and the Obama administration support for equitable development principles, communities are organizing to use recovery dollars to promote communities that empower those who have been hurt first and worst.


Urban Politics #194: Monday’s Votes On…

May 2nd, 2005

The Council voted on a proposal for the use of the Public Safety Building site, Resolution 30769. The proposal, sponsored by Council Members Drago and Steinbrueck, calls for using two-thirds of the site for open space, with the northern third set aside for private development.


Urban Politics #131: Paying For Sound Transit’S CDF

April 16th, 2002

ST plans on beginning construction in early 2004. Construction should take about three and a half years. The entire 14 mile route will not be under construction at the same time. ST will operate in segments of approximately a quarter mile. However they have begun acquiring properties along the route and in particular MLK to make way for their future work. About 300 businesses, mostly small minority owned ones, will be impacted by the work along the entire route. About 65 have been identified as having to move. The remainder will try to stay open during construction but most will likely suffer a loss in revenue.