Councilmember Licata left office on January 1, 2016.
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Urban Politics #120: Swearing In Speech & State Film Office

January 8th, 2002

First of all, I want to thank all of those who voted for me, and I’m grateful that there were a lot. I also want to thank all those citizens who took the time to vote, because it was the responsible thing to do and makes keeps our democracy alive.


Urban Politics #54: Thanks To My Staff

January 3rd, 1999

Every Council Member depends heavily on the skills, commitment and energy of his or her staff. I am very fortunate to have staff who have an abundance of all three. In appreciation of their fine work and to let others know what they work on, I’d like to briefly say a few words about each of them.


Urban Politics #32: Emancipation Ball

April 5th, 1998

As part of an effort to provide more entertainment opportunities for Seattle s youth, a number of City Council Members have been looking at making adjustments to existing ordinances regulating teen dances and postering, or providing more venues for teen activities and communicating information regarding the youth music scene.


Urban Politics #12: Who is a Lobbyist?

February 18th, 1997

Two UP rreaders, Bruce Miller and Dick Nelson, responded to the last UP on the proposed ordinance establishing filing requirements for city hall lobbyists. They pointed out that it exempts “persons who receive no compensation for lobbying” and who lobby “on their own behalf”, so it would seem to not include regular citizens.