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Urban Politics #54: Thanks To My Staff

January 3rd, 1999

Every Council Member depends heavily on the skills, commitment and energy of his or her staff. I am very fortunate to have staff who have an abundance of all three. In appreciation of their fine work and to let others know what they work on, I’d like to briefly say a few words about each of them.


Urban Politics #52: Status On The Monorail

November 24th, 1998

The City Council agreed with the Mayor to fund the Elevated Transit Company (ETC), the body formed by the initiative to pursue the Monorail, for 1999 for another $50,000. This is conditioned on ETC matching it with $61,000 of outside funds. The ETC still has $85,000 of available funds left over from the City’s initial $200,000 contribution to it in 1998.


Urban Politics #50: Olympics – Still Dead?

November 10th, 1998

On October 19, eight of nine City Council Members co-signed a letter to the Seattle Bid Committee stating that we could not support a resolution in favor of a bid for the 2012 Olympics. Portions of the letter are reprinted below. . In the end, it was a Council consensus opinion. In fact, because of a lack of support, it didn’t even came up for a vote. No Council Member was willing to sponsor a resolution endorsing the Olympics.


Urban Politics #47: Olympic Games Status

October 8th, 1998

It appears that five or more City Council Members are now opposed to passing a Resolution on Monday endorsing the Seattle Bid Committee’s effort to represent Seattle and host the Olympics here in the year 2012.


Urban Politics #46: Olympic Games Special

September 27th, 1998

This was the first time I’ve conducted an email poll through my Urban Politics and I was honestly amazed at the level of participation – 952 responses, representing a 67% return on the original number receiving the poll. However, I know that a number of people emailed it to their own email lists.


Urban Politics #45: Error In Numbering Urban Politics

September 8th, 1998

Due to a faulty memory, mine not the computer’s, there were two number 42 Urban Politics. Consequently this issue is number 45. All of the past Urban Politics can be found in correct sequence at my web site: