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Urban Politics #147: Music And Youth Commission Applicants Requested

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By City Councilmember Nick Licata.

With assistance from Lisa Herbold, Legislative Assistant.

Urban Politics (UP) blends my insights and information on current public policy developments and personal experiences with the intent of helping citizens shape Seattle’s future.



  • Music And Youth Commission Applicants Requested
  • Purpose Of Music And Music Commission
  • Seeking Commission Members
  • Qualities Desired

Music And Youth Commission Applicants Requested

In August, 2002, the City Council passed an ordinance to repeal the Teen
Dance Ordinance, section 6.294 of the Seattle Municipal Code, and replace it
with a new law designed to allow youth more access to live music and dancing.

As part of this legislation, a Music and Youth Commission was created. The
City Council is now seeking five persons to serve on this commission, as
detailed below.

Purpose Of Music And Music Commission

Under the Council ordinance, the commission lists as its purposes:

To promote and facilitate communication and understanding between and
among all-ages and youth music and dance promoters and licensees, musicians,
youth, parents, and governmental officials; and

To promote an understanding of laws, policies and resources relating to
all-ages and youth music and dance events and venues in the City, and to make
recommendations concerning these laws, policies and resources; and

To provide, through its own broad-based membership, an informed opinion
concerning all-ages and youth music and dance venues in the City, to
complement the work of the City’s elected officials and departments in these
areas, and to make recommendations to those elected officials; and

When pertinent, to solicit public comment on issues relating to all-ages
and youth music and dance events and venues in the City.

Seeking Commission Members

The Council is seeking five members to appoint to the Music and Youth
Commission. The commission has twelve members. Six are appointed by the
Council, and six (all City employees) by the Mayor. One of the Council
appointees is a Councilmember or staff person.

Qualities Desired

As listed in the legislation, the Council is seeking 5 people who are:

“Seattle residents with a demonstrated interest in matters relating to music,
dance and all-ages musical and dance events, neighborhood or youth-related
issues, public safety or law-enforcement. To the extent possible, these
Commission members should represent persons of diverse ages and interests,
and should represent a variety of the City’s neighborhoods. The City Council
also shall endeavor to appoint Commission members that include parents,
youth, musicians, persons involved in conducting or operating all-ages
musical and dance events or venues, and members of neighborhood groups.
Commission members appointed under this subsection may not be employees of
the City of Seattle, and will serve without compensation.”

The commission will begin meeting March 27, and will meet quarterly. The
commission issues an annual report on the implementation of the new
ordinance, and its effectiveness in carrying out its stated purposes.

If you are interested in serving, please contact my office by March 3, in
care of Newell Aldrich, at

Newell Aldrich
Seattle City Council
1100 Municipal Building
600 4th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104-1876

Or feel free to send an e-mail to

When submitting qualifications, please include one’s full name, occupation,
group involvement, area of interest, mailing & email addresses, contact phone
numbers, and a 1-page or less letter of interest.

The six commission members appointed by the Mayor, are City employees,
“with a demonstrated expertise in or professional responsibility for law
enforcement, public safety, musical events, or youth or neighborhood issues
and related matters. Mayoral appointees shall include, among others,
representatives from the police department and fire department.”

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