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Tag: WTO Accountability Review Committee

Urban Politics #82: City Council’s WTO Accountability Review Committee

February 17th, 2000

The following preamble and workplan have been reviewed and shaped by leaders of the faith community, organized labor, police guild and civil rights organizations. It is not perfect but as Kathleen Taylor, ACLU Washington Executive Director has written, “The Council review is appropriately focusing on policy changes needed to prevent civil liberty abuses in the future. The Council rightly will not attempt to resolve specific claims of civil liberties violations. If the panels meet the high expectations set forth by Councilmember Compton’s Accountability Review Committee, the City will be well served.”


Urban Politics #77: The WTO Week

December 6th, 1999

I have received over 1,300 email messages from citizens regarding last week’s WTO Conference and the accompanying demonstrations. That’s not including another 3,000 emails that flooded our system which carried a single critical slogan in the subject line. So many messages were received, that the City Council’s computer system almost crashed.