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Urban Politics #117: Special Events Legislation & Vote

November 25th, 2001

On Monday November 19 the City Council passed an ordinance amending the City’s Special Events Ordinance, by a 5-4 vote (Conlin, Wills, Licata, Nicastro). The ordinance extends the Special Events Ordinance to cover events on private property. It was brought forward with the intent of regulating Mardi Gras, by placing private businesses (i.e. bars and clubs) under its regulations. The Special Events Ordinance formerly covered only events held on public property.


Urban Politics #113; Special Events Ordinance

October 3rd, 2001

The City Council is currently considering Council Bill 113801, which would amend the Special Events Ordinance by extending its authority to events on private property that have impacts on public space or resources.


Urban Politics #112: Special Events Taskforce Report

August 1st, 2001

As Chair of the Culture Arts and Parks Committee I strongly support the Taskforce’s recommendations to better fund the Special Events Committee and streamline the City’s assistance efforts. Their report clearly stated that “special events help build a sense of belonging and community pride…” and that the “City of Seattle nurture and support events that build our community.”