Tag: Seattle Popular Transit Authority (SPTA)

Urban Politics #127: Resolution On Use Of City Right-Of-Way

March 24th, 2002

At Friday’s (3/22/02) Monorail Ad-Hoc Committee meeting, I sponsored a resolution “stating the intent of the Seattle City Council and Mayor to allow use of City right-of-way to construct and/or operate a monorail transit system in Seattle, and to negotiate an agreement with a future Seattle Popular Transit Authority (SPTA) to allow this use.”


Urban Politics #112: Special Events Taskforce Report

August 1st, 2001

As Chair of the Culture Arts and Parks Committee I strongly support the Taskforce’s recommendations to better fund the Special Events Committee and streamline the City’s assistance efforts. Their report clearly stated that “special events help build a sense of belonging and community pride…” and that the “City of Seattle nurture and support events that build our community.”