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Urban Politics #21: Convention Center “Skybridges” ?

May 14th, 1997

The large Master Use Permit Notice/Bulletin Board announcing the expansion of the Convention Center across Pine Street and 8th Street has been on the SE corner of 7th and Pike for 2 months. A total of 5 letters commenting on it has been received by the City’s DCLU. All from residents of a nearby apartment building complaining the impending structure.


Urban Politics #17: Holly Park Demolition

March 27th, 1997

The City Council’s support for the Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) plans to demolish all 870 low income units and replace them with a fewer number of units serving the very low income, is weakening. Although the Council passed a resolution back in December supporting the plan, questions raised by critics led Council Members Jan Drago and Dick McIver to announce at the 43rd Democratic District meeting that the plan should be re- examined. Two other council members, Tina Podlodowski and Charlie Chan have also made similar statements.


Urban Politics #16: Westlake And Dogs And Discovery Park

March 15th, 1997

On Wednesday, March 26th at 2PM, there will be joint working meeting – not a public hearing – of Jan Drago’s Economic Development Committee and Sue Donaldson’s Park Committee in the City Council Chambers to work on the future of Westlake Park and the Unleashed Dog Areas in city parks.


Urban Politics #15: The Seahawks Legislation

March 9th, 1997

Call the legislature hot line 1-800-562-6000. It’s critical to call your legislator today. Sue Tupper, former campaign manager for Mike Lowry’s smartly run Governor’s Campaign, now one of Paul Allen’s 18 lobbyists, is organizing a mailing to 12,000 Seahawk fans to lobby the state legislature. Most legislators do not want to vote for new taxes for the football stadium. But they need to hear from you, otherwise the Seahawks lobbying effort will hit pay-dirt.


Urban Politics #14: Seahawks In The Legislature

March 1st, 1997

Governor Gary Locke’s office has been calling on House Democrats to support the Seahawks legislation. House leaders have been skittish. Most do not want to vote for the bill but feel obligated to support the Governor in case the Republicans are pressured by big business to support the Seahawks. Nevertheless it took over a dozen calls to finally locate a House Democrat willing to sponsor the bill. No wonder, building a new football stadium was not even listed in the top ten items of the House Democratic Agenda for 1997.