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Tag: Red Light Cameras

Urban Politics #283: Speed and Red Light Cameras – Good or Bad?

November 20th, 2009

n Seattle we use two kinds of automated traffic law enforcement – red light cameras and speed van cameras. These tools are used at high crash sites, at other high-risk locations. They are used not to replace traditional law enforcement or to deal with safety problems caused by deficient road design, construction or maintenance. Crashes in general are the leading cause of death for 4-34 year olds. Red-light cameras and speed vans provide needed enforcement at times and locations to free up resources so police manpower can be used to address other public safety priorities.


Urban Politics #243: Transparency & Red Light Cameras

January 3rd, 2008

Transparency in government means providing as much information as possible to citizens on how City Government makes decisions. Part of the decision making process involves Councilmembers gathering information from other government officials and staff, and from citizens in general. I have been working on legislation to register lobbyists who communicate with Councilmembers and hope to have something before the Council in the first quarter of 2008.