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Urban Politics #247: Police Accountability in 2008

January 28th, 2008

This could be the pivotal year for determining if Seattle can have an effective and fair police accountability system. Before the end of the first month of the year these major developments are unfolding: previous Council legislation allowing the citizen’s review board on police conduct to look at the names of officers on closed Office of Professional Accountability (OPA) cases was struck down by a State administrative hearing officer; the Mayor’s advisory panel on police accountability is releasing their recommendations; and Council’s legislation on requiring a public hearing before future negotiations begin will be introduced.


Urban Politics #215: Public Hearing

May 23rd, 2006

A public hearing held on April 18 in my Public Safety, Governmental Relations, and Arts Committee was called by some a “historic moment.” It was the first time in Seattle that a public hearing was held in advance of its police union labor talks.


Urban Politics #212: Police Accountability

April 14th, 2006

Police accountability means many things to many people. This hearing is not intended to be a venue for testifying about more general public safety issues such as a) the need for additional neighborhood patrol staffing, b) neighborhood watch groups’ needs for better access to data about local crime trends, or c) individual complaints. If you have an interest in issues like these, you can contact my office to find out what meetings are scheduled for citizen input.