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Tag: Office of Professional Accountability

Urban Politics #233: Seattle’s First Survey of Police Officers

May 2nd, 2007

In early 2006 I commissioned a survey of Seattle Police Officers from David Brody, WSU Spokane Criminal Justice Program Coordinator and Nicholas Lovrich, Director, WSU Division of Governmental Studies and Services of Washington State University. They’ve worked extensively surveying police departments, most recently those in Spokane and Olympia. In looking for a professional consultant with police survey experience, I found that while police officer opinion surveys are common, less than half a dozen in the nation have focused on their attitudes toward civilian oversight.


Urban Politics #215: Public Hearing

May 23rd, 2006

A public hearing held on April 18 in my Public Safety, Governmental Relations, and Arts Committee was called by some a “historic moment.” It was the first time in Seattle that a public hearing was held in advance of its police union labor talks.


Urban Politics #72: Proposed City Budget For 2000

October 3rd, 1999

The City operates on a 2 year (Biennium) Budget. The main portion of the two-year budget (1999 & 2000) was prepared last fall. This fall the City makes adjustments to the budget for the year 2000. The Mayor presents his proposed budget adjustments to the City Council (which he did on 9/27/99) and then the City Council must pass a final budget by November 29th.