Councilmember Licata left office on January 1, 2016.
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Tag: Mayoral Race

Urban Politics #20: News On Local Candidates

May 1st, 1997

Is Jessie Wineberry really running again? He ran against Tina Podlowdowski for the last Council open seat in 1995 garnering 36% of the vote. That was the same year that Charlie Chong received only 31% against Margaret Pageler. If Chong could run again and win from a smaller base of votes than Wineberry had in 95, Wineberry must figure he has a good shot at winning. Others speculate that he has revived his campaign committee to raise funds to pay off debts left from his last campaign. Peter Steinbrueck, architect and civic activist, holds his first exploratory meeting Monday 4/21 with supporters to see if they can raise $50,000 in pledges by mid-May. If they can, he ‘s in the Mayoral race.


Urban Politics #14: Seahawks In The Legislature

March 1st, 1997

Governor Gary Locke’s office has been calling on House Democrats to support the Seahawks legislation. House leaders have been skittish. Most do not want to vote for the bill but feel obligated to support the Governor in case the Republicans are pressured by big business to support the Seahawks. Nevertheless it took over a dozen calls to finally locate a House Democrat willing to sponsor the bill. No wonder, building a new football stadium was not even listed in the top ten items of the House Democratic Agenda for 1997.