Tag: Lobbyist Registration Ordinance

Urban Politics #286: Lobbying the City and Reporting Contributors

March 4th, 2010

Two years ago City Council passed Council Bill 116154, which encouraged an open government process by requiring those paid to lobby the City Council and Mayor to register as a lobbyist. Councilmembers Tim Burgess, Richard Conlin, Jean Godden, and Tom Rasmussen, joined me in sponsoring the legislation.


Urban Politics #18: Good Shepherd Center (Gsc) Leased For 77 Years

April 1st, 1997

Ted Jonsson, Vice Pres. of the Wallingford Senior Center and it’s representative on the GSC Advisory Board, discovered last month that the City Council, without a public hearing, had passed an ordinance last June extending Historic Seattle’s lease over the center’s grounds for another 77 years.


Urban Politics #13: Update: Lobbying Ord. and I-16, Getting Results

February 24th, 1997

Knowledge is power. Those that know how governments work exercise power. Urban Politics works to disseminate that knowledge so that citizens may participate in shaping our democracy and not feel powerless. Here is an example.


Urban Politics #12: Who is a Lobbyist?

February 18th, 1997

Two UP rreaders, Bruce Miller and Dick Nelson, responded to the last UP on the proposed ordinance establishing filing requirements for city hall lobbyists. They pointed out that it exempts “persons who receive no compensation for lobbying” and who lobby “on their own behalf”, so it would seem to not include regular citizens.


Urban Politics #11: Proposed Ordinance Would Hinder Citizen Access to Elected Officials

February 16th, 1997

Seattle may require citizens contacting city officials to register and file financial reporting forms as lobbyists. If adopted the ordinance would apply to any citizen who contacted elected officials or their staff 12 or more times during a 3 month period.