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Urban Politics #251: Lobbyist Registration Ordinance

March 18th, 2008

The purpose of the ordinance is to provide greater transparency in government, protect public confidence in government, preserve the integrity of the legislative process, and enable the public to see who is being paid to lobby elected officials. Seattle does not have a lobbyist registration ordinance, unlike every other major city on the West Coast: Portland, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego all have lobbyist registration ordinances.


Urban Politics #240: Lobbyist Registration Ordinance Brown Bag

September 6th, 2007

am developing legislation that would require paid lobbyists to register with the City of Seattle.

Laws requiring the registration of lobbyists already exist in King County, the State of Washington, and the City of Portland. Seattle which should pride itself in promoting transparent decision making does not have such a law. Consequently I will be hosting a brown bag forum with representatives from each of those governments to learn how their laws work and what could work best for Seattle.


Urban Politics #146: Municipal Concerns & An Iraq War

February 17th, 2003

Last week I was in Washington D.C. along with dozens of other city council members and mayors representing over ninety cities and counties that have passed resolutions, or, as in Seattle’s case unanimously signed a letter, stating our opposition to the imminent invasion of Iraq.


Urban Politics #13: Update: Lobbying Ord. and I-16, Getting Results

February 24th, 1997

Knowledge is power. Those that know how governments work exercise power. Urban Politics works to disseminate that knowledge so that citizens may participate in shaping our democracy and not feel powerless. Here is an example.


Urban Politics #12: Who is a Lobbyist?

February 18th, 1997

Two UP rreaders, Bruce Miller and Dick Nelson, responded to the last UP on the proposed ordinance establishing filing requirements for city hall lobbyists. They pointed out that it exempts “persons who receive no compensation for lobbying” and who lobby “on their own behalf”, so it would seem to not include regular citizens.


Urban Politics #11: Proposed Ordinance Would Hinder Citizen Access to Elected Officials

February 16th, 1997

Seattle may require citizens contacting city officials to register and file financial reporting forms as lobbyists. If adopted the ordinance would apply to any citizen who contacted elected officials or their staff 12 or more times during a 3 month period.