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Tag: Initiative 16

Urban Politics #14: Seahawks In The Legislature

March 1st, 1997

Governor Gary Locke’s office has been calling on House Democrats to support the Seahawks legislation. House leaders have been skittish. Most do not want to vote for the bill but feel obligated to support the Governor in case the Republicans are pressured by big business to support the Seahawks. Nevertheless it took over a dozen calls to finally locate a House Democrat willing to sponsor the bill. No wonder, building a new football stadium was not even listed in the top ten items of the House Democratic Agenda for 1997.


Urban Politics #10: Initiative #16 “Bring it on Home” Rally

February 9th, 1997

Initiative #16 “Bring it on Home” Rally at Kane Hall, Univ. of Washington, 10 AM, this saturday, Feb. 15th. Parking available in the underground garage located beneath the campus plaza off of 15th Ave. NE. The Total Experience Gospel Choir will perform and elected public officials will address the rally. A total of 60,000 signatures are needed by 2/25. We have about 45,000 this last push will put us over the top. Petitions will be distributed to all attending so that we can go out and gather signatures afterwards on Saturday and Sunday at grocery stores and other locations throughout King County. We are asking for a $16 contribution at the door but a contribution of any size would be appreciated. For more information on where to pick initiatives or where to collect signatures, please call Citizens for More Important Things at 528-8457.


Urban Politics #9: Initiative #16 Status – Suit Filed In Federal Court

January 12th, 1997

On Friday 1/10/97, Citizens for More Important Things, CMIT, filed a suit in the US District Court asking for an injunction and declaratory judgment to demand a County commitment to submit to the voters the ordinance proposed by initiative 16, should it qualify. The suit charges that the County’s authorization of the stadium bonds last Monday violates voters’ rights under the Federal Civil Rights Act.


Urban Politics #7: Initiative Status – The Mariner’s New Stadium

December 22nd, 1996

Initiative 16 by Citizens for More Important Things is still waiting for final approval from the County Clerk before we can begin collecting signatures. The initiative will require voter approval of county bond issues in excess of $50,000,000 for constructing or remodeling buildings. This will force the county to obtain voter approval for the new Mariner’s and Seahawk’s stadiums.


Urban Politics #6: County Initiative on Bonding

December 2nd, 1996

Citizens for More Important Things filed an initiative today (12/2/96) requiring voter approval of county bond issues for buildings costing in excess of $50,000,000.