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  1. baderj
    September 28, 2010 - 2:27 pm

    Your comment completely overlooks certain very material facts. MOHAI sits in part on East Montlake Park and in part on a parcel in the old Canal Reserve, East Montlake Park is A dedicated park, it is held in trust for the public at large, on an acquisition the trust attaches to the funds, ans state law as well as Initiative 42 requires those funds be replaced by land of equal or better size, value, and usefulness in the vicinity. Taking 520 moneys rips off those funds in violation of state law, Initiative 42 ans pledges to the electorate standing for 30 years.
    The tract for the museum was conveyed to the City by the UW for Arboretum purposes. When the City’s ownership is displaced, the trust for Arboretum purposes attaches to those funds. Using those moneys for MOHAI strips the Arboretum of capital funds and replacement land. Ir too violates state law and Initiative 42.
    In short, the City Council is robbing St. Peters to pay St. Paul’s and the victims are the people of the neighborhoods impacted by SR 520. The City simply made an unlawful agreement to divert SR 520 funds, and now needs to reimburse the Park Fund for SR 520 use and the Arboretum fund by a like amount to correct its conversion. Recreational groups may raise this rip-off with legislators unless corrected promptly.

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