Urban Politics #232: Making Development Benefit All – A Brown Bag Forum

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Issue #232

By City Councilmember Nick Licata.

Urban Politics (UP) blends my insights and information on current public policy developments and personal experiences with the intent of helping citizens shape Seattle’s future.


Councilmembers Sally Clark, Richard Conlin, David  Della, Jean Godden, Richard J. McIver, Tom Rasmussen, and Peter Steinbrueck are joining me in sponsoring a discussion about development in Seattle and how development can work for individuals and families of all incomes.

The Forum will be held on Friday, April 27th, from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM in City Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, City Hall, 600 4th Avenue, entrance at 5th Avenue.

Recommendations will be offered by national experts towards a more livable Seattle.  Development partnerships between developers, communities, and government can address possible impacts upon housing, employment, and our environment.  The presenters are:  Michael Ramos, Church Council of Greater Seattle Director of Social Justice Ministries; Leslie Moody, People for Working Families (PWF) Executive Director; John Goldstein, PWF Program Director; and Lee Strieb, Change to Win Federation Research Coordinator

Development partnerships can help:

Increase the affordable housing supply so low-wage service and retail workers don*t move further from jobs, travel long distances, and contribute to sprawl.

Keep wages and benefits from slipping for lower-wage workers.

Minimize new demand on taxpayer-funded health care.

Improve urban livability and environmental sustainability by increasing density with community mitigation.

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